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When approaching an expert or professional for guidance or a recommendation you are placing a great deal of trust in that person, essentially to make a decision on your behalf. When that professional has acted negligently and it has resulted in financial loss to you or your business - what do you do?

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Received Negligent Advice?

If you have received advice from persons in a Regulated Sector, depending on the size and value of your business, you can utilise the Ombudsman services available to you before jumping into litigation through the courts.

An ombudsman is a person who has been appointed to look into complaints about companies and organisations. Ombudsmen are independent, free of charge and impartial. All professional sectors have an Ombudsman service do deal with client disputes.

You cannot go direct to the Ombudsman; you must first raise a complaint with your professional advisor or institution.

Raising a complaint

Firstly, request a copy of the complaints procedure from your advisor/professional. Most professionals will adopt a standardised complaint procedure, which includes;

  1. Customer raises a complaint
  2. The professional investigates the customer’s complaint and gives a clear answer/response (Final Response) within eight weeks.
  3. Once in receipt of the Final Response the professional will inform the customer of their right to go to the relevant Ombudsman Service.

Details of all Ombudsman services are available at the Ombudsman Association website:

Examples of the Professional negligence sectors we can assist in: Accountants, Architects, Barristers, Bankers, Doctors, Financial advisers, Financial Institutions, Insurance, Solicitors, Surveyors.

By utilising the complaint process available to you, you reduce the time, risk and financial outlay associated with litigation.

Walker Thomas Solicitors are here to help and provide legal advice when you have a complaint concerning your professional advisor.

You do not necessary need the assistance of a solicitor when submitting a complaint or raising it with the relevant Ombudsman Service but you may chose to seek some assistance depending on the complex nature of the of your complaint.

We are experts in Financial Complaints

If you are unhappy with a banking product or a service you have been sold by your bank  and you would feel comforted by having a lawyer to look for the sale process, call Walker Thomas Solicitors. We are always happy to provide some guidance.

Success with Taking on the banks!

In 2012 the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) identified failings in the way that some banks sold structured collars, swaps, simple collars and cap products, which are collectively referred to as Interest Rate Hedging Products (IRHP). The banks involved agreed to review their sales of IRHPs made to unsophisticated customers since 2001.

A Redress Review commenced in 2013, for some customers the process was pain free, for some it was no so easy and resulted in 2 years of appeals and reassessment, some of which led to action through the courts.

The FCA’s final progress update confirmed that banks issued redress determination letter to 18,200 businesses and paid £2.2 billion in redress, including more than £500 million to deal with consequential losses.

Walker Thomas Solicitors Principal, Nicola Walker, was instructed by over 30 banking customers who were invited by their bank to have the sale of their derivative product(s) reviewed under the implementation of the FCA’s IRHP Review Scheme. She personally secured 10’s of £millions in redress for her clients. Some IRHP clients were offered no redress by their bank following the banks initial assessment of the sale of the products. Follow Nicola’s meticulous assessment into the sale process adopted by the bank and her stringent application of the banks Regulatory code of conduct; she identified key breaches which in turn, when presented to the bank, was able to justify a finding of miss- selling. The result being the Banks changing their decision, and her clients securing large financial Redress payments.

Subjected to a Regulatory Investigation

Walker Thomas Solicitors can advise and assist you if you have found yourself or your business subjected to an investigation by your Regulator. We offer assistance to those who have be accused of breaching laws and regulations such as Data Protection, Health and Safety and professional codes of conduct.

If you and your business is regulated and you require assistance on how to undertake an investigation and how to respond to a complaint made by your customer, Walker Thomas Solicitors Regulatory Complaint Team is here to assist.

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We provide precise, resilient and affordable legal advice and assistance.

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